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5 Tips for Grilling Steaks

October 15, 2016

5 Tips for Grilling Steaks

1) Don’t Be Afraid of the Heat

One of the main reasons behind using a grill (instead of say, an oven) is the fire’s ability to make direct contact with the meat—so get your grill really nice and hot. Use the open-air to help build the flames and get a nice char on whatever you’re grilling. The flames’ contact with the meat will build instant crunchy texture and flavor, while still leaving the interior of the meat tender and juicy. Going “slow and low” on the other hand doesn’t make much sense when it comes to grilling: there’s no need to put the lid on and essentially bake or smoke the meat over a long period of time.

2) Use Charcoal

You know that delicious, slightly smoky crust that envelops the outside of a well-prepared steak? That flavor comes from real-deal charcoal—not from posers like briquettes or from chemicals like lighter fluid. Real charcoal is made by slowly burning real wood, so it only makes sense that the resulting flavor would be just that: smoky and woodsy. What results from this process is a mostly-carbon compound that produces a great amounts of heat and energy with a limited quantity of smoke (in comparison to what wood would produce), making charcoal perfect for grilling. While they are certainly quick and easy to start, using briquettes or gas grills in lieu of charcoal simply can’t impart that same depth of flavor.

3) Season Simply

Salt and Pepper. Those two are all you need for robust flavor when you’ve got chef selected meat. Skip the soy sauce, the pineapple juice and the pre-mixed, store-bought chemically-altered seasonings. When those flames hit the meat and the Maillard Reaction occurs, caramelization, crust and incredible flavor will naturally follow. So keep it simple: season your meat with liberal amounts of kosher salt and coarse ground pepper. They’ll add some nice texture and beautifully enhance what is already incredibly flavorful meat.

4) Give It Some Space

Don’t overturn your meat. Instead of constantly flipping your steak or burger back and forth to check on its doneness, step away from the grill and let it bask in the heat. We recommend flipping your meat no more than 4 times, affording you the opportunity to check each side once before making a final commitment. Just like a watched pot that never boils, your steak needs a little space to get to where it’s going also.

5) Let It Rest

We know you want to dive right in once your steak is hot off the grill and looking juicy and incredible, but you have to give it a rest. When the meat makes contact with the heat of the grill the juices run away from the heat, making their way to the center where they’re as far away as possible. This over saturates the center of the meat with moisture, allowing it to leach out if sliced into. By allowing it to rest for a 5-10 minutes after taking it off the grill, the moisture has a chance to work its way back out, redistributing evenly. Resting the meat will ensure you keep all of that juicy, delicious flavor in the meat and off your cutting boards and countertops.

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