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Hudson Valley Smoked Duck Breast

Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Farms is known for producing the finest Duck and Foie Gras in the United States.
The Moulard is a cross between the white farm duck, the Pekin, and a South American 
duck, the Muscovy. The Pekin has a mild flavor; the Muscovy, a gamy flavor. When the 
two breeds are crossed, they produce a high quality, deliciously unique flavor sought 
after by the finest chefs worldwide. 


Succulent duck breasts hot-smoked over applewood chips. Fully cooked, skin-on, with just the right hint of sweet smokiness. Keep up to 12 weeks unopened, or 2 weeks opened. Enjoy duck meat thinly sliced in salads and sandwiches, chopped into pastas and sauces, and heated whole for a great alternative meal.  Average weight on this product is about .75 pounds.

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