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Nduja Spreadable Calabrian Salami


Agostino Fiache and his son Antonio are the proud guardians of a century-old Italian Legacy.  As co-founders of Chicago based Nduja Artisans Saluemria, the Fiasche's are the culmination of five generations of Calabrian salumi makers.

Nduja is a cured spicy spreadable salumi originally from Calabria made using the best quality pork and a nice balance of sweet and spicy Calabrian peppers.

The package will include slightly more than one pound. Actual weights vary, but will always be over one pound. 

Nduja Serving Suggestions

  • On bread or toast ~ Grill or toast slices of bread and spread ’Nduja on top. Eat on its own or complement with some cheese: fresh ricotta or burrata
  • With grilled, roasted or seared meat or fish ~ Warm and brush on right before serving
  • Pasta sauce ~ add as a base for great umami taste

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