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Black Hawk Farms Burger
Black Hawk Farms
8 - 8oz patties

Black Hawk Farms

8 patties

A favorite of many top restaurants, hotels and chefs, Black Hawk Farms Burgers from Butchery Fresh will be among the best burgers you’ve ever had. Perfect for a family get-together, tailgating or just a casual “burger night,” these individually-portioned patties grill up to thick, juicy burgers in no time.

Black Hawk's breeding process and strictly-controlled diet, combined with their rigid quality control standards, results in consistently superior marbling in the muscle, yielding more high-quality cuts per animal, and a taste that is simply unmatched. Black Hawk cattle are finished, slaughtered and processed in Kentucky, giving Butchery Fresh customers the freshest meat possible.

Butchery Fresh Burgers are packaged in two vacuum-sealed packages of 4 burgers, eight in total. They should be cooked or frozen within 24-48 hours upon arrival.

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