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Brisket/Short Rib Burgers
Creekstone Farms
8 - 8oz patties

Creekstone Farms

8 patties

We start with grinding the highest-quality Black Angus short rib meat from Creekstone Farms for extra-meaty flavor and blend in brisket to achieve the perfect texture with our Butchery Fresh Brisket - Short Rib Burgers. With eight pre-portioned Short Rib Burgers, you’ll have plenty to cook up for backyard barbeque, take to your next tailgating gathering or even just cook at home for a casual burger night with the family.

Butchery Fresh Burgers are packaged in two vacuum-sealed packages of 4 burgers, eight in total. They should be cooked or frozen within 24-48 hours upon arrival.

USDA Creekstone Farms Master Chef Choice Burgers.

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