Creste di Gallo Pasta -

Creste di Gallo Pasta

Maestri Pastai

17 ounce bag

Creste Di Gallo pasta is an exceptional pasta shape that closely resembles the crest of a rooster. Creste Di Galli translates to “rooster crest.” It has a tubular body with a ruffled-edged curve. With its ideal shape, it can work well with a wide range of sauces including meaty and chunky ones. Its wonderful texture holds delicate sauces, also, instead of settling to the dish’s bottom. This type of pasta is also a good substitute for elbow macaroni and farfalle.

Maestri Pastai is distinguishable because of the high quality of primary materials used and the traditions and workmanship of the methods of production. With every piece of pasta Maestri Pastai guarantees excellent results, including good elasticity of the pasta and the way in which it keeps its shape once cooked. The company guarantees high quality at every step of the production process, from the grain selection to the conservation methods.

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