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Hickory Smoked Bacon
1# Retail Pack

Benton's Country Ham

A true chef favorite, Benton’s Bacon is sought-after for its signature smoky flavor. Unlike much commercial bacon, Benton’s Bacon is dry-cured, removing water and concentrating flavors. They start by hand-rubbing each slab with a cure of salt, pepper and brown sugar. After a few weeks of curing and aging, the sides are smoked whole for at least 48 hours with the smoke from hickory logs. This simple and time-honored process results in an extremely flavorful smoky bacon that’s as enjoyable on a breakfast plate with eggs as it is in sandwiches and burgers or added to one of your favorite recipes.

Benton’s Bacon is sliced thick and comes in one pound vacuum-sealed packages.

 Benton's Mountain Country Ham

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