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Bone-In Frenched Berkshire Pork Chops
Berkwood Farms Berkshire
4 - 12oz chops

Berkwood Farms

4 - 12oz chops per pack

Cut from the center of the pork loin and trimmed with the bone in, Butchery Fresh Berkshire Pork Chops are one of our most-requested items from top chefs and restaurants. Berkshire Pork is the oldest breed of pork in existence today, and raised for the meat’s distinctive color and marbling – two character traits that make Butchery Fresh Pork Chops tender, juicy, and flavorful every time.

Ideal for a family dinner, we’ll ship out four individual vacuum-sealed fresh Berkshire Pork Chops. Whether you cook them on the grill, sear them in a skillet or even just roast or broil them, Butchery Fresh Berkshire Pork Chops will be perfect for everything from a casual Sunday supper to an elegant evening at home.

You’ll love the flavor that the bone imparts when cooking these. And if you don’t have plans to cook them all immediately, don’t worry. Extra Pork Chops can be frozen for up 4-6 months.

Includes four individually-packaged 12-ounce Berkshire Frenched Pork Chops. 

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