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America's Cut Berkshire Pork
Berkwood Farms
2 lb avg

Berkwood Farms

The heart and soul of Berkwood Farms Berkshire Pork is their farmers. Many of their farmers are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and in some cases the 5th generation of their family to be engaged in animal husbandry. All of their farmers have committed themselves to a strict code of responsible and humane animal husbandry.   They each take pride in the product they produce, and work hard to ensure their animals are raised in a healthy, humane, and environmentally friendly manner.

The America's Berkshire cut is a boneless end to the sirloin.  Great moisture content, fantastic flavor and well marbled.  This item is great for roasting or slow cooking.  Perfect size for a small family. 

Average product size is 2 pounds.

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