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Hanger Steak
The Butchery
2 - 8oz steaks

Creekstone Farms

2 - 8oz per pack
The Hanger Steak was once known as a “Butcher’s Steak,” as it is so delicious that butcher would often stash it away and keep it for himself. Today, the Hanger Steak is prized by many top chefs and restaurants for its flavor and versatility. It takes to any marinade or seasoning and is best when cooked quickly over high heat and allowed to rest before slicing.

Similar to flank steak in texture and flavor, Hanger Steak is truly a chef’s choice that’s now available shipped fresh to you. Butchery Fresh Hanger Steak is wet-aged for 25-35 days, hand-trimmed and shipped fresh, never frozen.

Each vacuum-sealed package includes two 8oz pieces of Black Angus Hanger Steak, weighing a total of one pound. USDA Creekstone Farms Master Chef Choice Hanger Steak.

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