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Moulard Duck Breast
Hudson Valley Duck Farm
2 - 1# breasts

Hudson Valley

2 - 1 pound breasts

Our chefs know when it comes to duck, Butchery Fresh carries the best! These jumbo whole Moulard Duck Breasts are trimmed with the skin on and are larger than any other duck breast. Butchery Farms Duck Breast have wonderful steak overtones and deep red color.

The ducks are raised in a cage-free 200 acre farm in Fernvale, NY and fed a high-quality vegetarian diet with no antibiotics or hormones. Served in many of America’s top restaurants, you can now serve this succulent duck breast at your own table.

Our favorite way to serve is to score the skin and season with salt and pepper before browning skin-side down in a skillet and finishing in an oven. Unlike chicken, duck should be served medium to medium-rare.

Sold with a whole breast (2 1lb breasts per package) with the skin on. Shipped frozen.


 Hudson Valley Duck Farm

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