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Why Fresh Never Frozen?

raw meat slab

Picture yourself at the local butcher or grocery store meat section. Both will usually have a section of cheaper meats all wrapped and stacked on top of each other in the cooler, and a fancier section of freshly cut, higher grade meat behind a glass counter with the butcher there to answer questions.  Both sections have one thing in common: The meat is fresh, not frozen.

Why is that? Two reasons:

The meat looks better. A frozen block of meat is not very appetizing

The meat TASTES a lot better.

 Any chef in the world will tell you that they want the freshest cut of meat possible, and one that has never been frozen.  The consistency and flavor of a freshly cut slab of high-grade meat is a WORLD apart from a piece of meat that was cut weeks ago and now has the consistency of a hockey puck.

With our extremely high quality meat available to you the day after it has been cut and at great wholesale pricing… why pay for frozen?