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Foie Gras, Grade A
Hudson Valley Duck Farm
1.5# lobe

Hudson Valley

There’s few delicacies as tried and true as Foie Gras. And Butchery Fresh is proud to offer Hudson Valley Foie Gras to help you elevate the culinary status of your next gathering.

Smooth in texture, rich in flavor with a slightly nutty finish.

Historically, foie gras has been cooked in a paté or terrine and served cold. Over the last 25 years, led by the American palate, more people are enjoying foie gras seared and served hot with a sweet and tangy fruit garnish. We suggest serving Butchery Fresh Foie Gras sliced thick, seasoned and seared in a hot pan until golden brown to reach gastronomical ecstasy in mere minutes.

A full “lobe” of duck Foie Gras will ship overnight and can be frozen for up to 12 months.


 Hudson Valley Duck Farm

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