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Whole Moulard Duck
Hudson Valley Duck Farm
8 lb avg

Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Farms is known for producing the finest Duck and Foie Gras in the United States.
The Moulard is a cross between the white farm duck, the Pekin, and a South American 
duck, the Muscovy. The Pekin has a mild flavor; the Muscovy, a gamy flavor. When the 
two breeds are crossed, they produce a high quality, deliciously unique flavor sought 
after by the finest chefs worldwide. 
Moulard ducks have a special ability to store fat in the liver.  Like the Muscovy, they are 
ground-foraging ducks. Moulards don’t fly and are not fans of open water.  These 
characteristics make the Moulard the ideal breed for producing foie gras.  
Now you can have ultra premium duck delivered right to your door.  Experience the flavor you won't find in traditional ducks.  These are the foie gras ducks so they are fed longer and you can tell in the size of the birds.  Average weight for this bird is 8 pounds.  This product ships frozen. 

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